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Saturday, 30 August 2014
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NanoCal Alkaline Water Filter

NanoCal Alkaline Water Filter 

Acidic waste in our body has been a major problem, but with NanoCal Alkaline Water Filter, you can now give your body a treat by helping it neutralise these acidic wastes!

No Electricity Required - Suitable For Office and Home Use - Installs in 15 Mins -
No backwash

NanoCal Alkaline Water Filter is a revolutionary product from Gano Excel that employs a 7-filter system to provide you with clean alkaline drinking water without the need to boil the water. The alkalinity in NanoCal's water is a result of the latest filter technology employed by Gano Excel which adds more alkaline minerals into your drinking water. With NanoCal, boiling is no longer necessary thus saving you time and money!

Read on to find out more about NanoCal Alkaline Water Filter and how alkaline water can benefit you.

 Why Do We Need A Water Filter?

Malaysians in general have been a health concious lot especially with more awareness programmes held by the Ministry of Health and wider media coverage on health topics. An increasing number of Malaysians are also becoming more particular about their drinking water and many have taken precaution steps by installing water filters at home. So why do we actually need a water filter at home?

 Fact 1: Water Pollution

  • Water polution causes poor water quality. This is due to industrial wastes such as hazardous chemicals, organic and inorganic materials, bacteria and viruses. Poor water quality may harm our body if consumed over a long term period. Even though our drinking water has been treated, pollutants may be introduced along the pathway to our homes such as in the water pipes and water tanks. Even boiling water does not kill all bacteria and viruses and all it takes is one disease-carrying organism to contaminate the water to cause harm to you and your family.

Fact 2: Water Treatment

  • The water supplied to our residential areas mostly come from recycled water. As our country develops, fresh water supply becomes more scarce that our drinking water has to be recycled at water treatment plants. Although these treatment plants are supposed to be safe, extensive use of chlorine and other disinfectants is needed to treat the water. Because these treatment plants are maintained by humans, errors can happen and is the reason why sometimes excessive chlorine may be detected in our water supply. In the event that a contaminant fails to be neutralised at the treatment plant, your water filter can at least reduce or completely remove the contaminant from your drinking water thus providing added protection.


Fact 3: Chlorine In Water

  • Chlorine is a common disinfectant used in water treatment plants to kill bacteria and other microorganisms during the treatment process. Diluted chlorine in water is channeled to consumers in sufficient quantities to kill bacteria and microorganisms. In Malaysia, more than 90% of water treatment plants use chlorine for disinfecting the water.
  • Unfortunately Chlorine also affects human's health.




Cancer Risk

  • THM (Trihalomethane), a compound based on chlorine and humic acid (found in decaying substances and insect poison) is a cancer causing agent (carcinogen substance).
  • THM can affect the body through direct consumption or absorption through the skin. For example, when we wash rice with tap water, the chlorine found in the water will get absorbed into the rice.




  • As of today, research has shown that chlorine  is linked to various types of cancers such as bladder, heart, stomach, rectal and colon cancer. It is also linked to high blood pressure, anemia and atherosclerosis (hardening of the blood vessels).
  • Chlorine in water will also form chloroamines which causes an unpleasant taste and smell in water





 NanoCal's Alkaline Water

Do you have the following problems?

  1. Backaches and joint pains caused by rheumatism
  2. Stroke, paralysis, numbness and weakness in lower limbs
  3. Cold hands and feet
  4. Feeling nervous and easily agitated
  5. Weakened heart, liver or kidney

Listed above are some of the common aillments that most Malaysians face at some point in life especially during their late 50's to 60's. Many of us put the blame on aging and choose to just accept that no matter what we do, these diseases are unavoidable. This is a common perception in Malaysians that must be changed because modern science have shed new light on the cause of aging and through that, we are now able to identify and improve our condition.

Only in recent years that doctors have finally discovered one of the 'missing' causes of aging which is the accumulation of acidic wastes in the body. In our everyday lives, we constantly take in acidic food such as poultry, rice, bread, and a whole long list of preservatives and flavouring. All these lead to the formation of acidic wastes that accumulate in different areas of the body.

Although our body has its own alkaline buffers to neutralise these acidic wastes with great balance, it will come to a point that not all of these wastes are neutralised and a large portion of it remains in the body in areas such as the joints. This can be due to numerous reasons such as a weakened circulation system and an excessive amount of acidic waste in the blood. Accumulation of acidic wastes in different areas of the body produces different effects, for example, acid coagulates blood thus causing poor blood circulation around places where the acids are accumulated. This will then cause the affected organs to become sluggish and thus bring about the effects of aging.

pH Colour ChartBefore going on, lets take a look at some chemistry. Acidic water is oxygen-deficient (due to more H+ ions compared to OH- ions) while alkaline water is richer in oxygen (more OH- present compared to H+). When the amount of excess oxygen in alkaline water balances out the acidic water in equal numbers, the final solution becomes neutral. This is why it is said that 32 glasses of alkaline water (with pH of 10) is required to neutralize one glass of cola (with pH of 2.5). One must also take note that pH numbers are scaled from 0 to 14 (7 being neutral, 0-7 acidic, 7-14 alkaline) and these numbers are exponential. That is to say, a small change in pH value means a large change in the number of OH- ions.

Nanocal Alkaline Minerals

So how exactly did the tap water source (which is normally slighly acidic and sometimes slightly alkaline) become so alkaline (with a pH of 10) after going through NanoCal's filtration system? Of course, the breakdown of the process cannot be disclosed to the public since doing so means revealing the technology behind it. But that doesn't mean we cannot know anything. From this point onwards, it is worth taking note that NanoCal's system enriches the water with minerals and calcium ions.

Firstly, notice that calcium ions are placed on high priority in the water filter system because before we think about supplying our body with alkaline water to neutralize acid, we should also think about replenishing what has been lost from our body to do the neutralizing work all this while. It is important to remember that our body's alkaline buffers come from our bones whereby these buffers require a significant amount of calcium to be produced. That is why drinking too much soft drinks (which are acidic) can cause bone loss in the long run as alot of alkaline buffers are produced  by the body. Therefore, NanoCal has been designed to overcome this problem by ensuring that the filtered water contains a good amount of calcium ions for our body to absorb and replenish itself. (Gano Excel's lab report has shown that NanoCal's water contains about 14.9mg/litre of Calcium)

Nanocal Alkaline Minerals 

The real alkalizing effect of NanoCal's water lies in the presence of the other minerals in the filtered water. Minerals can be classified as acidic and alkaline and because NanoCal enriches the water with alkaline minerals, the resulting filtered water is therefore alkaline. When we drink this water, the alkaline minerals get absorbed by our digestive system and enters our blood stream. These minerals play a significant role in neutralising any accumulated acidic wastes found along the blood stream and in the tissues. Once these wastes are neutralised, they can then be transported and disposed off from the body through the sweat, urine and faeces. The biological functions and pathways on how alkaline minerals work in neutralising acidic wastes are beyond the scope of this text.

One might raise the question of why we cannot just eat more alkaline based food such as vegetables instead of investing in an alkaline water filter system. The reason is simple. Although vegetables in general contain alkaline minerals (which is why some doctors and dietitians recommend increasing vegetable intake to combat acidic-related problems), the amount is too little that even if you eat a meal full of vegetables, it will still be insufficient to produce a noticible effect in the body. Plus, you do not get the required proteins found only in meat.

There are a couple of obvious disadvantages of drinking boiled water as compared to filtered water. Firstly, boiled water no longer guarantees that all harmful bacteria can be killed. Bacterial evolution has brought about more strains that can withstand higher temperatures, some being able to survive well at boiling points. Secondly, the effect of heat on dissolved minerals in the water where heat may cause the mineral molecules to react among one another to form new molecules which may no longer be useful to the body. 


 NanoCal's Filter System (Details and Specifications)

NanoCal 7-Filter System

Filter Number
Warranty Period
Usage Period

Ceramic with Carbon (Pre-filter)

  • Dense distribution of pores measuring less than 0.9 micron in diameter to ensure 99.9% of residues and bacteria are filtered off.
  • Removes more than 95% of hydrogen sulfide; no boiling of water is necessary
1 month
1 year

Spun Polypropylene Sediment Filter

  • A 0.5 micron pores filter to provide effective filtration and eliminates some organic toxin and metals of residues and bacteria are filtered off.
1 month
1 year

Activated Carbon Filter

  • Provides anti-bacterial effect
  • Enhances the elimination of taste, odour, colour, and other finer substances such as insecticide elements, chlorine, rush, synthetic detergents, etc.
1 month
1 year

Far Infrared Bio Ceramic

  • Reduces the cluster size of water molecules to increase absorption rate by the body.
1 year
2 years

Crystal and Nano Iso-Energetic Bio Filter

  • Adjust water to an optimum alkaline level, increase calcium ions in water
  • Nano Iso-Energetic Bio breaks down water molecules into even smaller clusters
1 year
2 years

Bio Ceramic (Alkaline)

  • A new and innovative FFR Filtration media
  • Ionizes water with aura energy waves
  • Dissolves oxygen up to 3-5 times more than untreated water
  • Further adjusts the water alkaline level
1 year
2 years

Colloidal Silver Impregnated

  • Colloidal Silver is crucial by firstly killing bacteria upon contact and then preventing any escaping bacteria from pasteurizing.
    (Using non-colloidal silver carbon will encourage bacterial growth especially if drinking water is left idle for more than 24 hours.
1 year
1.5 years

Miscellaneous Information:

  • No electricity needed for operation of water filter
  • Installs easily in 15 minutes
  • Unit comes fully assembled
  • Packaging includes: Installation manual, Warranty Card, 10 feet hose, 2-Way Adaptor





Benefits of owning a NanoCal Alkaline Water Filter:

  • Ensure your drinking water is clean, safe and odourless. No bacteria, no chlorine, no harmful residues.
  • Harness the benefits of the alkaline minerals found in NanoCal filtered water to help your body neutralise its acidic wastes thus improving your health significantly.
  • Enjoy a healthy intake of calcium ions that come in your drinking water. NanoCal provides about 14.9mg/litre of calcium
  • Save time. No need to boil your drinking water.
  • Rest assured NanoCal is endorsed by quality assurance bodies including SIRIM QAS and is being sold exclusively by Gano Excel (awarded International GMP, Malaysian based company, owns the largest Ganoderma farm in the world in Kedah, Malaysia)




Retail Price:
West Malaysia
1 Unit 
RM 1798.00
East Malaysia
1 Unit 
RM 1888.00


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