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Friday, 22 August 2014
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Being a member of Gano Excel can bring you many benefits whether you are just an ordinary consumer, or a consumer who wants to become a business builder through Gano Excel. Either way, you are tapping into the business opportunities offered by Gano Excel while being able to enjoy the health benefits of Ganoderma.



Office in Alor StarBecoming a member of Gano Excel's network can bring many benefits which we will explain in a short while. Unfortunately, many people are immediately turned off after they are told that Gano Excel's operation is MLM-based. While it is true that there have been many cases of get-rich-quick schemes that run like MLM style, it does not mean all MLM companies are bad, illegal and money-wasting.

There are many multi-national MLM companies such as Gano Excel that are proper and legal businesses. If they were not legal, they would not have penetrated the international market and survived till today.


Must I become a member?

You need not necessarily become a member if you are still new to Gano Excel and you are still trying out the products. However, if you like the products and want to continue taking them, then we strongly recommend you to become a member to enjoy members price discounts on all products that ranges from about 10-20%. This translates to alot of savings in the long run especially if you are buying the products for your whole family's consumption.


What about Gano Excel's Marketing Plan?

Gano Excel's marketing plan is one that has been carefully planned to ensure that the payout system is fair to the company as well as to its members while making sure there is always room for network expansion. MLM companies that tell you things like 100% payout is most probably a scam. Use logic, if a company pays out 100% of its retail profit, the company will go bankrupt.

Gano Excel pays out 90.2% and because your membership is lifetime, your bonus levels do not expire! For example, once you are at the 25% bracket, you will NOT fall to a lower percentage even if you become inactive for months or years. In other words, you can work on the marketing plan at your own pace.


Different Perspectives

Gano Excel's Marketing Plan can be seen in three different perspecitives. You may fall into either one or two and may even change in the future.


1. Ordinary Consumer

You become a member simply to purchase the products at members price. Every month, you enjoy a small amount of bonuses that arise from your own purchases. Occasionaly, you might recommend the products to friends and make a small amount of profit by selling at the retail price.

2. Ordinary Consumer + Side Income

After taking Gano Excel' products and benefiting from them, you begin to introduce the products to family and friends. You buy and sell more, thus gaining more bonuses. Some of your relatives and friends may even sign-up as members under you and your network expands over time. Your bonus income gradually rises.

3. Ordinary Consumer + Business Builder

Some of you may wish to see Gano Excel's Marketing Plan as a business. In this case, you discover the benefits of Gano Excel's products and begin to introduce them to family and friends aggresively. You consistently sign-up new members under you and you spend time building your network. You learn the marketing plan in detail and discover how to fully tap into its potential to generate good monthly income.


Which ever category you see yourself in is entirely up to you. You can read more about the Marketing Plan and the entire scheme of incentives provided by the company for better understanding.


Are you ready?

If you are ready to sign-up, please proceed to our Contact Us section. Get in touch with our Seri Petaling Stockist or any of our affiliated members nationwide to get yourself an account with Gano Excel.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 11 March 2007 )
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